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Leak Detection & Investigation

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Electronic Leak Detection

Moisture penetration within flat roof construction is difficult to locate. Our electronic leak detection will locate breaches & penetrations.

Our leak detection service provides a non-invasive way to detect multiple defects including pin-hole leaks in the waterproofing of your building to millimetre accuracy. Knowing exactly where the problems let our surveyors provide targeted and effective reports, which give you an affordable alternative to a complete roof replacement.

Leak detection brush

Our Other Leak Investigation Methods

Rainfall Simulation

Rainfall Simulation is used as a controlled localised, targeted detection system.


Flood Testing

Flood testing is the oldest, simplest and most basic method of testing the integrity of a roof.


Outlet Testing

An inadequate or blocked rainwater outlet can result in costly repairs if issues are not dealt with quickly.


Dye Tracing

The use of washable dyes assists in tracing water ‘pathways’, to the direction of the source


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